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Keeping heat exchangers free of buildup caused by fouling or scaling is critical in keeping power generation processes up and running. Non-wetting coatings offer low surface energy and prevent media from sticking and building up on the surface. Fluoropolymers such as PTFE are often called upon in these applications, but their poor temperature stability and propensity to flake can quickly become problematic. Alternatively, CVD coatings impart a similarly low energy to the surface, but are molecularly bound to the metal surface of the heat exchanger, providing enhanced adhesion and durability compared to fluoropolymers.

3. Petrochemical & Plastics — Increase Plant Uptime by Reducing Maintenance

Refineries and other petrochemical plants must also spend considerable resources to combat coking and fouling. For example, refinery preheat train (PHT) networks experience downtime caused by fouling that can cost upwards of 66 million barrels of refined crude oil per year.3 Fouled equipment reduces production efficiency and can increase the likelihood for corrosion. This is a recipe for disaster when every second of uptime counts towards the operation’s bottom line.

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