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Besides offering customized and standard backplanes AICSYS Inc. has decided to offer OEM/ODM service for customized Printed Circuit Boards Assembly- PCBA. Recently many customers asked for different type of PCBA products as the standard PCBA can’t meet their demands.
PCBA, is the process of soldering or assembly of Electronic Components to a PCB or printed circuit board. A circuit board prior to assembly of electronic components is known as PCB. Once electronic components like resistors, capacitors and other components are soldered using SMD process or wave soldering, the board is called Printed Circuit Board assembly (PCBA).
Most of time, we did not see the PCBA products itself because it is wrapped in a devices for a product to be functional, and for user’s convenience. PCB boards could be found anywhere in consumer or industrial products such as Motherboards, SBC, backplane, LCM, storage backplane or as small as the board to hold USB ports or LED arrays

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