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Romaco has noticed rising demand for customised primary packaging solutions within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. It seems it is no longer enough to create stand-out cartons through print design and effects. Now primary packaging – whether blisters or strips – also needs to be unique for a product to succeed on the market.
The relaunch of an iconic painkiller in a clover leaf shaped strip pack demonstrates this new direction branded manufacturers are taking to outperform generic competing products. In this case Romaco Siebler was entrusted with the development of a new strip packaging technology that is capable of producing special geometries. Round, star or even heart-shaped forms are now possible. To enable the new design strips to be manufactured, a Siebler heat sealing machine has been equipped with a continuous die-cutting station. Two servo driven punches cut the strips out of the foil layer with a drawing cut. So far, speeds of up to 900 strips per minute have been achieved.

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