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part of what we do here is to look at all sorts of accessories you might want to use with your phone. Cases, screen protectors, headphones, you name it and we try to look and recommend a product so you know if you're getting your money's worth. Since the 3.5mm headphone jack is fading away (yes, Samsung will do it too, once it's more affordable) that also means we need to look at USB Type C headphones and adapters.
What a mess.
First, the answer to the question in the title: No, there isn't a single USB-C headphone adapter that will work with every phone. There's a simple reason why, but it's just silly that this has to be a thing in the first place.
Passive vs. Active
Cables designed to work with the USB standard can be active or passive. Active cables use copper wires and have a semiconductor of some sort to boost or amplify the signal strength. If you have an outrageously long USB cable for anything, it's probably an active cable. Low-voltage data signals aren't designed to cover eight or ten feet (or more) inside a cable, so they need a bit of a boost.
There are two ways audio can be sent out via the USB port. The onboard DAC and amplifier can convert the digital signal to analog (regular headphones only work with an analog signal) and send it out through the USB-C port. The adapter then passively transmits the analog signal from the USB port to the 3.5 mm port on the other end of the cable. This works exactly like your last phone with a 3.5 jack did, except there is now a dongle in the mix.

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